Thursday, May 26, 2005

about my recent busy life

Hello, how are you? I hope you are fine :-)

Lately, I have been very busy because I have a lot of homework and tests in university.

Everyday, I cannot sleep enough or cannot have time to relax because of studying and for doing housework (I live alone now, so it is my work.), so I’m very tired and always sleepy :-(
I’ll have test next week and week after next week, too. Also, I have to write some difficult papers for my grading in the near future. Oh, I’ll be really busy!
Maybe my hard schedules will be continued… I’m really sad.
I know it is the destiny of student, and I’ll do my best. However, I want to have my free time to relax!

Sleeping is one of my favorite thing to do. Also, I'm glad when I dream of happy thing.
But these days, I neither sleep enouth nor dream, so I'm sad and it makes me more unhappy.
I'll go to bed early tonight to remove my tiredness. I wish I can dream about happy thing!

I’m sorry for complaining about my busyness.

Megumi Kakimoto :-)

Friday, May 20, 2005

about jobs I'm interested in (part 2), teacher

Hello, U all! Welcome to my blog.

I told about some jobs that I’m interested in on my last post.
I’d like to continue to tell you about the same topic as the last one.
Now, let me start.

I’m interested in working as a teacher of nursery school or kindergarten. The reason is very simple. I’m interested in because I love children! When I was younger, I used to play with children who lived near my house. Sometimes, my sisters and I were asked to take care of some of them for a short while instead of their parents. That was pleasure for me because that meant my sisters and I were trusted and we could be with children longer time.
Taking care of children was very fun! Don’t you think so?
However, I hardly have chances to play with children now, so I’m a little sad :-(
There is a very serious problem to be a teacher of nursery school for me. It is that I can’t play the piano. That is a fatal problem for being a teacher of kindergarten! It must be very difficult to learn how to play piano from now. Perhaps, I will give up to be a teacher of nursery school or kindergarten.

By the way, I’m taking the teachers course at the university. I’m studying to get the teacher’s license of English and Japanese (Japanese as a second language). It is not easy and I’m not sure whether I really want to be a teacher or not, but I’m doing my best now.

Megumi Kakimoto :-)

Friday, May 13, 2005

about jobs that I'm interested in (part 1), ralating to travel

How are U:-)?

The latest two posts of mine were about my hometown, Fukui. I have more to tell you about Fukui, but today, I will tell you about some jobs that I’m interested in. (Maybe, I will tell you about Fukui more another day. If you have some questions about Fukui, please ask me! I will answer the questions if I can.)

So now, I’ll start talking about jobs I’m interested in.
Overall, I’m interested in jobs that relates to traveling, for example, a tour conductor, a tour planner, and a ground hostess (ground hostess is a staff who works at the airport). This is because I like traveling. Although it does not mean that I traveled a lot of places or I often travel, I really enjoy whenever I travel. It is not matter for me that the trip is in Japan or abroad, to near place or far place, for long time or short time. The experiences that I traveled somewhere are precious memories for me. Also, I still feel happy when I remember the trips or look at the pictures that I took during the trips. Thus, traveling is really enjoyable and exciting for me.
So, I think that I will be happy if I can help someone to travel somewhere without troubles and to make happy memories, and make the traveler really enjoy the trips. For these reasons, I hope I can work as a tour conductor, a tour planner, a ground hostess, and so on.

I have more jobs that I’m interested in, but that is all for today.
I will talk about same topic next time.

See ya,
Megumi Kakimoto;-)

homework (my focus about Urashima Taro)

I will focus on Japanese worth of nature, because Japan is surrounded by seas and there is a lot of nature in Japan. In a lot of Japanese fairy tales, a lot of portraits of beautiful nature are written, for example, four seasons, seasonal flowers and foods. For this reason, I think Japanese think much of nature. Also, thinking much of nature connects to Japanese people’s character that Japanese like harmony and think much of group or organization more than individual.
This is about representation of man and woman in Urashima Taro.
This information is not useful.
This page is in Japanese. The content is about Pandora’s Box and Tamate-Bako (the box in Urashima story)
This content is detailed and very interesting.

Thus, a part with the mental makeup to like to leave the body to the flow of nature and to live more than it self-insists at the same time as liking integration of the Japanese of the four seasons from the story of Urashima and the Kingdom Beneath the Sea with the start natural environment is seen. On the other hand, the concern for the power setup and the hierarchical society weeded out from a promethean story always artificially with Zeus of Greek mythology is seen, and the appearance of a social constituent member who suffers to cancel the problem by some methods while self-insisting in a complex interpersonal relationship is seen.
Idea of natural, environmental valuing of Japan and idea of human social
environmental valuing of Western Europe

Friday, May 06, 2005

about food and cooking in Fukui

Hello, U all ;-)
I really love my hometown, Fukui, and I have a lot to say about Fukui, so today’s topic of my post is ‘about food in Fukui.’

As I told you that Fukui faces to the Sea of Japan in last post, it has the sea and beaches, and they are very beautiful. By the grace of the Sea of Japan, people in Fukui can eat very fresh and delicious fish and shellfish. In Fukui, Echizen-Gani (a kind of crabs) is one of the most famous and popular foods in winter. It is called ‘the king of winter food,’ and needless to say, it is so delicious! My neighbor has acquaintance who is fisherman and she often gets Echizen-Gani from the fisherman every winter. She kindly gives some of them to my family. Thanks to her, my family can eat fresh and delicious crabs free. How kind and great my neighbor is!

As for another popular food, rice in Fukui is also famous and delicious. It is known for Japanese people as ‘Koshihikari’ (a kind of rice brands). Water in Fukui is clear, so delicious rice plant grows. My grandmother has rice fields and grows rice, so my family can eat delicious and safe rice to eat.

In addition, there are a lot of unique and delicious cooking in Fukui. As the most famous example, there is the breaded pork cutlet that is dipped into Worcester sauce (popular Japanese sauce) and put on rice in a big bowl. It is very delicious ;-) As another examples, there are Oroshi-Soba (noodles with grated radish and sauce dip), Oroshi-mochi (rice cake with grated radish and sauce dip), and so on.

There are so many delicious food and cooking in Fukui, and all of them are worth eating at least once! Please try them.

See you,
Megumi Kakimoto ;-)