Thursday, June 23, 2005

about reading

Hey, today’s my blog is about reading

As I told in my introduction before, reading is one of my hobbies.
Although I don’t have enough time for reading these days, reading is one of important things to do for me in daily life.
In my case, I learned a lot of Japanese words through reading Japanese books. Even now, I sometimes find words that I don’t know the meanings exactly when I read light readings, much more a little serious readings. That is great chance to know new words & remember their correct meanings and increase my vocabulary.
In addition, I often learn Chinese characters (kanji) through reading. For example, I learned ‘薔薇 (= ‘bara’ in Japanese, means ‘rose’),’ ‘雑魚 (= ‘zako’ in Japanese, means ‘a small fish’),’ ‘蒲公英 (= ‘tanpopo’ in Japanese, means ‘dandelion’),’ and so on. Kanji that I learned through reading are too many to remember and distinguish ^ v ^ lol.
Moreover, my imagination I have now was made through reading

As for my favorite kind of books, I like reading fantastic stories such as fairy tales☆★☆
I love reading both Japanese ones and foreign ones!
Now in this semester, I read and analyze fairy tales and other kinds of tales in my class of the Humanities. Analyzing tales are very difficult, but I’m really enjoying reading tales from various countries, including my country Japan.
For examples, I read folk tales from Asia, ‘Paul Bunyan (tall tale)’ and ‘John Henry (legend)’ from America, tales by Hans Christian Andersen like ‘The Emperor’s New Cloth,’ and now I’m reading and analyzing tales by Grimm Brothers like ‘The Juniper Tree.’ Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales are somewhat cruel to read, but I like their tales because I used to read a lot of their stories when I was younger and they are very familiar to me now.
Most of these tales, including tales by Grimm Brothers, reminds me of my childhood when I read. The feeling is like nostalgia :-)

Anyway, reading is good for studying, leaning, increasing our imagination, and so on.
Let’s read together as many books as possible and have fun!

Thanks a lot 4 reading my long blog,
Megumi Kakimoto ;-)★

Friday, June 17, 2005

about movies

Hello, again ^-^ /)))

Today, I will talk about one of my hobbies, watching movies.

Do u like watching movies?
What kind of movies do u like?

As I told before, watching movies is one of my hobbies.
When I was a high school student, I used to watch movies because I had a lot of free time at the time.
Mostly, I borrow video tapes of movies from the rental video shops, and I watch the videos being relaxed at home.
Sometimes, I go to see the movies, but for me, the best way to enjoy the movies is watching the videos at home. It is easier and more enjoyable than going to a movie theater :-)

My favorite kinds of movies are romantic movies, comedy movies, historical movies, and animation movies.
I love watching Disney movies like ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Aladdin,’ and so on. I like most of Disney movies ^ u ^ ♪♪♪
Disney movies are full of dream ☆ Don’t u think so?!
In addition, I love Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Pooh bear, so I can really enjoy when I go to Tokyo Disney Land!
I also love touching movies like ‘Armageddon,’ ‘Titanic,’'The Cure,’ and so on.
I love watching many kinds of movies, but I don’t like horror movies like ‘the Ring.’
I cannot watch that kind of movies because they are too horrible for me!
After I watch horror movies, I remember the horror of the movies many times when I’m alone or in the midnight.

During my spring vacation, I watched a lot of movies (videos) like ‘Troy,’ ‘Timeline,’ ‘Peter Pan (not animation movie),’ ‘The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King,’ ’Paycheck,’ ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary,’ ‘K-19,’ and many movies!
I could enjoy watching them very much!!!

If u have one that u recommend me to watch, please tell me♪

See ya☆
Megmeg :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

about researching about Hans Andersen and his work
rist of link about Andersen and his work
about Hans Andersen and his life as a writer in details

Hans Andersen had loved literature since he was a child. He read plays like Shakespeare.
After his father died, he had to work. He experienced a lot of jobs.
Fortunately, King Frederick VI was interested in Andersen and gave him education for free.
However, he was a unwilling student. Before he got education at grammer school, he wote his first book ' The Ghost at Palnatoke's Grave.'

Andersen wrote poetry, travel sketches, novels, fairy tales, plays.
He hate to be stereotyped by others.
The character of Andersen's stories is dark, even cruel.

Friday, June 10, 2005

about same dream

How are U, today?
I’ll talk about dream this time, too ^ - ^
I’m glad if you are interested in my topic.

Have you ever had the same dream more than twice?
Or have you ever had the dream that continued from the last dream?
Maybe, some of U have, and I think it is not so special.
I’ve had these experiences before.

In my case, the dream I had more than twice was not happy dream at all.
My dream was horrible one for me at that time >o< !
I had the dream when I was a child, maybe when I was around 10 if I remember right.
To say in detail, in the dream, I was chased by my home-room teacher who took charge of my class. He was not horrible teacher in real world; on the contrary, he was very kind and funny, and he always made my classmates and me laugh. However, in my dream, somehow or other, he had horrible face and chased me. It was mystery.
Anyway, I felt horrible, so I ran away from him and hid in a small locker in my class-room. (Yes, the stage of the dream was my school :-o ! It’s because school was the most familiar place for me at that time.)
The ending of the dream was always same. I woke up when he was about to find and catch me.

I don’t have any ideas about what this dream told me, but I believe having the same dream has some meanings and tells me something.

If U have some ideas about the same dream, please tell me ^ u ^

That’s all for this time.
Megumi Kakimoto :-)

Friday, June 03, 2005

about my fantastic dreams and real desire (?)

Hello, again, U all!
I can talk more this week.
However, I have no idea to talk about now… :-(
Let me think…
OK, I will talk about fantastic dreams!

Do U like dreaming?
I love sleeping and dreaming because I can experience a lot in my dream even if it is unlikely to happen to me in my actual life.
Don’t U think it is very wonderful and enjoyable?!
I think it is great!

In my dream, I can be whatever I wish or want to be.
For example, in the dream, I’m a boy, a wizard, a cat, a heroine, a star, and so on.
Of course, I can use magic and transform easily myself into other people or animals.
In addition, I can often fly freely in the sky.
However, my fantastic dreams are always adventurous for me and I often encounter great danger that seems to be difficult to overcome for me.
I’m often in the crunch in my fantastic dream.
Sometimes I’m chased by horrible monsters or witch and be caught by them.
And then, I’m about to be killed.
Sometimes I fall down from the sky during flight.
These are very dangerous dream, but I’m wise, brave, and strong in my dream, so I can always overcome the difficulties and be safe in the end.
Even if I’m not strong at first, I become strong through the adventure or someone strong helps me.
Anyway, happy endings! That is because it is MY dream :-)

It is said that dream implies our real desire or wish.
If so, my fantastic dreams imply that I want to be strong, brave, and wise.
Yeah, maybe that is true because I’m not a person like that at all!
Perhaps, I want to be perfect!

What is your recent dream?
What is your real desire?
Please tell me.

Thank you,
Megumi Kakimoto ;-)


Hello, how are you???

I’m happy a little because I could sleep this week more than last week.
Although I was very busy this week, I tried to have enough sleeping time.
Because I thought having less sleeping time made me more and more nervous and I could not stand the unhappy condition much longer!
Sleeping enough makes me happy and relaxed, so my stress was lessened and I feel better now :-) Yeah!

So, I will be able to write a lot this week.

See U later,
Megumi Kakimoto ^ U ^