Tuesday, July 19, 2005

about happy summer vacation♪

Hey, U all ;-)

Today, I had two tests in class, so I'm very tired...
I will have only one more tests for this semester, but today is the final day of this semester! Yeah >u< !!! Summer vacation is really comming *^u^*
I'm very happy to have a long vacation★ However, during my summer vacation, I have to go back to my hometown very soon (by end of July) to get a driver's licence there, so maybe, I cannot meet U for a long time... :-( So, I'm sad... I will miss U... (Please e-mail to me >o< lol.)
Although I will be very busy during summer vacation, I'm looking forward to my long vacation to be relaxed and save a lot of energy 4 next semester♪ Probably, U also have a lot of plan to do during your summer vacation :-)
I really hope all of U can have happy and enjoyable summer vacations \ ^o^ / And I hope I can meet all of U with good cheer after that *^u^* Please take care of yourself during summer vacation!
Anyway, have a great vacation!!!

p.s. I'm not sure I can post during my busy summer vacation, but I will if I can ;-)

See you then, with love,
Megumi Kakimoto ;-)

Friday, July 15, 2005

about a great movie "Princess Mononoke"

Hello, everyone ^u^ R U fine today?

The other day, I watched “Princess Mononoke (=Mononoke-Hime)” in the class of the history of English literature. My teacher told us a little about the hidden meanings in “Princess Mononoke.” I was surprised at what my teacher told, so I’d like to write about it a little, today♪

“Princess Mononoke” is one of the most famous animation movies by a famous director, Hayao Miyazaki in Japan. Do you know? Maybe, many of U know him and the movie “Princess Mononoke.”

I watched “Princess Mononoke” at the first time at the movie theater on 1997.
At the time, I felt that “This movie is a little difficult to understand for me. I like San and Ashitaka, but I do not like Eboshi-Gozen because she is mysterious and I cannot know well about her in the movie.” However, after I watched the movie “Princess Mononoke” again, I like Eboshi-Gozen better than San or Ashitaka and became an Eboshi-Gozen fan :-)
That is because Eboshi-Gozen is a very cool and kind woman! She takes care of many discrimination victims like people with Hansen’s disease and she makes a new community. Also, her behaviors toward everyone are always equal and full of the sense of justice. Don’t U think Eboshi-Gozen is very cool?! I do think so☆
Also, I had thought that “Princess Mononoke” must be a romantic story of San and Ashitaka and the story was about nature and people. However, the story of “Princess Mononoke” is not only that. It has more serious and deeper meanings in the society, especially in Japanese past society (maybe, Muromati period).
The story is also about the discrimination and people (society).
I’d like to tell you about it in details, but unfortunately, it takes much time for me to explain in details about the other meanings of the movie “Princess Mononoke,” so I cannot tell you on my blog…sorry :-(

Thus, I found that "Princess Mononoke" actually has deeper meanings and I was moved by the movie☆ I want to watch the movie "Princess Mononoke," again because I could not watch whole story of it in the class >_< To understand more about the movie “Princess Mononoke,” deep knowledge about Japanese history is very important. That is must.
If U know a lot about Japanese history and then watch “Princess Mononoke,” you will probably find different but more important meanings in “Princess Mononoke.” And, you will realize that the movie is one of the greatest movies in Japan!
So, please try to find that :-)

See ya,
Megumi Kakimoto * ’ v ’ *

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thank u 4 your comments!

Hi, how R U? I hope all U are fine:-)

I'm really happy to get many comments about my last post (post about my noisy neighbor).
So, I want to say "Thank you very much for many and kind comments!" to you all.
Thank you♪

When I get many comments on my blog, I'm very happy and enjoy reading all of them *^u^*
And, it makes me think "I will try to be more active to post on my blog!"

Please come to see my blog, again ^0^ /))☆★☆

Megumi Kakimoto :-)

Friday, July 08, 2005

about my noisy neighbor

How R U, today?

I’m very sleepy because last night, I had severe stomach ache and in addition, my neighbor was very NOISY as usual! Stomach ache and the noise prevented me from good & enough sleeping...
My neighbor OFTEN brings her boyfriend into her room although it is not acceptable in my flat. My flat is only for female students, so my flat prohibits habitants from letting men (except father) in the rooms even if they are boyfriends. However, I’m angry not because she doesn’t follow the rule.
She always brings her friends or boyfriend into her room AT MIDNIGHT and talks with them at loud voice for a long time. Sometimes, they talk till early in the morning!
It makes me very annoying because the wall of my flat is very thin and I hear all the voices from the next room! And, they prevent me from sleeping well and make me more and more annoying!
The owner of my flat warned many times, but all of the warnings were useless to make my neighbor be quiet… :-(
Fortunately, my neighbor will move during this summer vacation
because she will go abroad for 2 years. I was really happy to hear that news from the owner because I thought I must sleep well and could live more happily :-)
So, I can stand the noise from the next room although I'm annoying *’ v ’*

Anyway, I hope my neighbor will be quiet and I can sleep well on this weekend☆★☆

Thank U,
Megumi Kakimoto ;-)

Friday, July 01, 2005

about plans 4 my summer vacation

Hi, I will talk about my plans 4 summer vacation because summer vacation is coming! Yeah♪

I DO NOT like the rainy season because I really hate humid weather, but I like summer. Summer somehow makes me exciting.
Don’t U think that summer makes us exciting and our feeling open & free?!
I do think so but I don’t know why. Maybe, summer vacation relates deeply with the reasons.
In summer vacation, I don’t have to go to school and can stay in cool and comfortable room. That situation is like Heaven 4 me d >v<
Anyway, I will talk about this summer vacation plans♪
First of all, I will have the experience that I take care of old people for 5 days.
This experience is essential to get teacher’s license, so this is duty. However, I’m looking 4 that experience because I’ve hardly have experiences like that in my life. And the experiences at the institution for the old will give me something important in life.
My elder sister works at an institution for old people, so I will ask her to give me some advice in advance. I think her advice about taking care of old people and communicating with them will really helpful for me :-)
As for another plan that I have now, I will get a driver’s license. After I return to my home prefecture, Fukui, I will go to a local driving school.
To go to driving school, I need to stay in Fukui almost all days of my summer vacation. But I REALLY love Fukui and my family, so no problem!
Thus, I will have busy summer vacation, but I hope I can have a lot of enjoyable experiences★

See ya,
Megumi Kakimoto ;-)

about tests

Hello, again U all. And, this is Megumi K, again☆

AHHHHH … Tests are coming!!!
Happy summer vacation is coming closer, but before that, we have to have many tests…
From next week, I will have some tests in class :-( However, I have a lot to do now and no time to study at all, so I’m in the crunch > o <,,
I’m in panic, but I will try my best for tests!

Megumi Kakimoto :-)