Friday, September 30, 2005

about driving school

How are you, today?
I have nothing new to tell u in these days, so I will tell about my experience in driving school during this summer vacation.

Dou u have your driver's licence now?
I needed to get it during this summer vacation, because I must be busier from next grade >_< Also, in Fukui, if u don't have a driver's licence and your car, it is very difficult to go somewhere u want, especially in the case of far place. Public transportation in Fukui is actually not useful for many people... So, many people over 18 years old have their driver's licence and drive their cars. In many cases of having a job, having the driver's licence is must!

Anyway, I went to the driving school. The father of my friend in elementary school is a instructor at a driving school, so I decided to go there. He was very kind and helped me well. He always took care of me and encouraged me. Giving a supplementary explanation, I heard from one of my friends that he had been an object of admiration for students at the school (I mean he had been a popular instructor in the school). Being taught by him was pleasure for girls and other students envied them for the luck in those days*^-^*

Whenever I drived a car for practice, I was always nervous. Driving process for a manual car was different from that for an automatic car. Also, driving a manual car was rather difficult than driving an automatic car ,>_<, I was not good at driving a car, especially a manual car. However, I went to the driving school almost everyday, even on Sunday, and I practiced driving hard.

In addition, students have to remember lots of rules of the road and the meaning of various kinds of traffic signs. They were very complex and it was very hard to remember all of them for a short time! However, I studied hard at driving school with my friends, and finally, I could pass the final test to get my driver's licence♪

Even now, my driving is poor a little, but I believe I can drive a car very well and safely someday if I drive many times ^v^

Thank u,
Megumi K.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

about happy weekend with my sister

Hi, everyone!

Last weekend, my older sister came to my house in Hirakata, Osaka! It was her first time to come to my house. Also, it was her first time to visit Osaka.
She works at a nursing home in Fukui, so her job is irregular :-( It means that it is very difficult for her to have holidays for traveling... However, she fortunately could *^-^*

I would have two classes on Saturday (actually, I had no class on that day because of teacher's personal reason), so my sister came in the afternoon. I went to Kyoto station to pick her up because she didn't know how to get to Hirakata. After we met at Kyoto station, we ate late lunch and went back to Hirakata. We did't have enough time to go some far place, so I showed Hirakata to my sister♪ That's all for first day.
The next day, we went to Namba and Umeda for sightseeing and shopping by train♪ We visited Doutonbori and took some pictures with Kuidaore-doll and big signboard of Guriko :-)

'Kuidaore' is one of famous culture in Osaka. 'Kuidaore' means that you eat until you drop, so in short, you eat very much. In Osaka, there are a lot of delicious food, so people call Osaka 'the City of Kuidaore.' Kuidaore-doll is the symbol of 'the City of Kuidaore.' Big signboard of Guriko is also a famous symbol of Doutonbori.

Of cource, my sister and I ate tako-yaki (one of the most famous and delicious food in Osaka, and please try it once!) in Doutonbori! It was hot and so delicious♪After we enjoyed in Doutonbori, we went to Umeda. We enjoyed shopping a little there.
On third day, we didn't have enough time to visit far place because my sister had her job the next day and had to go back to Fukui. For this reason, we visited Kuzuha (near Hirakata) and enjoyed shopping a little :-) After that, my sister went back to her home in Fukui.

I'm very sad when I saw her off at the station... However, I really enjoyed her visit to Hirakata! And my sister also seemed to enjoy her unusual holiday in Osaka *^-^*
I hope she comes again Osaka soon, and another sister comes together♪

p.s. If you know somewhere good to visit for sightseeing or shopping in Osaka, please tell me. *^-^*

Thank U,
Megumi Kakimoto :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

about my summer vacation

Long time no see, you all ^-^ How are you?

Today is the last day of our long summer vacation... (Ohhhh, how sad it is!)
How about your summer vacation? Did you enjoy it?

My summer vacation was the busiest and hardest one in my life, I think f^o^;
It was mostly because of going to the driving school to get a driver's licence during summer vacation. I went to the driving school almost every day. Even on sunday, I went there and I practiced driving a car safely. I spent most time of my summer vacation there... I could get my driver's licence, but I was really tired... Additionally, I went to a nursing home to help taking care of old people for 5 days.
I will tell you about my summer vacation more fully later on my blog :-)

I'm really sad to end my long vacation, but I'm looking forward to meeting you (my classmates and friends) again in class tomorrow^-^
Also, I'm really looking forward to knowing your memories during this summer vacation! Maybe, most of you had happy and enjoyable vacation and have a lot of memories to tell me♪ Please tell me about them.

C U then,
Megumi K.