Friday, October 21, 2005

about experiences in nursing home 2

How r u today?
As I told u before, I will write more about my experiences in nursing home this time.

(for your reminder what I told before...)
I went a nursing home for working experiences in welfare facility during this summer vacation.
I met a young man who also went there for the same purpose.
All of the stuff in the nursing home were very friendly and help me very much:-)
Also, some of old people who lived there became my friend through communicating and playing together on the first day ^-^

(now, I will continue a talk about my experiences from the second day...)
On my first day in the nursing home, my jobs were only looking around the home, knowing what staff's work were like, and communicating (rather, talking and playing with a ball) with old people who lived there. However, I started to help parts of the staff's work on and after second day of my working experiences. Every day, I followed after some staff and was taught how to do their work by them.

The staff in the nursing home have to do a lot of work to help old people.
For example, as for help taking bath, the staff help old people to come to the bathroom from their own room, take off and put on clothes, wash and dry their bodies and hair. After that, old people need to drink cold tea or sport drink to supply the water to their bodies, so staff also have to help it. Moreover, the staff also consider about the drink in several points, for example, amount of suger, type of the drink (normal, thicken, or gelatinous), old people's condition, and of course, their taste. Considering about that, the staff have to choose the best drink for each old person at the time.
Other kinds of work are the help eating and excreting (this work is one of the hardest, but important work), washing the clothes, health care, making the surroundings old people live in (like their private room or common room or place) clean and comfortable, planning the events for old people (like festivals, picnics, the discourse etc.), practicing recreation for keeping them physically and mentally healthy, and so on!
Thus, the staff in the nursing home really have a lot of things to do and consider about!!! In Addition, their work need more physical and mental strengh!

At first, the staff gave me easier work like pushing the wheelchair old people sat down or drying their hair and giving them cold drink after taking bath. Gradually, I started to have more difficult work. For example, I helped alone old people who could not eat their meal by themselves to eat. It needed much responsibility because helping eating had the danger. If the staff mistaken the timing for putting food into the old people's mouth, they(old people) choke on their food and might die because of that! Thus, the staff cannot be too careful in taking care of old people.
As for other jobs of mine, I read some picture-story shows to old people, helped the staff in recreation activities, helped preparing for the discourse (a Buddhist priest came to make a useful speech for old people), and so on.
Although I had many kinds of work, talking with old people was the most important work of mine. That is because communicating with old people is the most important thing to do in the nursing home. I talked with many people (not only old people but also the staff) every day^-^
Some old people were difficult to communicate with, but I really enjoyed talking with them, especially with my friends (some of the old people)! Through talking, I could find their sense of value, ways of thinking, their personality or character, and also some parts of their memories or life★

Through this working experience in welfare facility, I learned not only how hard the work of staff in the nursing home is but also the importance of their work in these days. Moreover, the important things I learned in the nursing home are that every one should have much responsibility of taking care of all people, including old people, who live in the society.
I learned these, but the most important thing is the importance of communicating deeply with many people and learning a lot from them!

As u might imagine, I could enjoy my working experiences in the nursing home and learned a lot from the experiences. I recommend u to have such experiences at least once!

Thank u very much for reading my long post,
Megumi Kakimoto:-)


  • At 2:06 AM, Blogger tomomasanagashima said…

    Good evening, I am Tomomasa. I found you learn a lot of things through nursing. I think it is good experience for you. I will be go to nursing home next year and it sounds hard or tough because there are a lot of things that I should do in nursing home. But, I am looking forward to go to nursing home and I hope I will experience a lot of things like you! Thank you for telling your story! See you tomorrow!


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