Friday, October 28, 2005

about recent cold weather and my sleeping

Hello, u all:-) How r u?
These days, it is becoming colder and colder > _ <
I don't think I don't like winter, but there is a big problem (for me) in winter.

Basically, I have difficulties in waking up in the morning by myself :-( Even if I set the alarm clock or use alarm function of my cell phone, I cannot wake up and get up easily and clearly...
I need much sleeping time than others, I think, because I'm a sleeping-lover person (?).
In the past, when I was a jr. high school student, I didn't need much time for sleeping. Rather, I was a person who stayed up late and enjoyed doing something late at night (though, I sometimes had to stay up late because of my homework) .
However, as time passes and I become older, I'm becoming a person who cannot stay up so late at night and need much time for sleeping >_ <
However, university students generally need much time for studying than time for sleeping and they should do so. Also, I sould have much time for studying. For this reason, although I want to have much sleeping time, I cannot have unfortunatey...
So, only way to solve my problems on waking up and getting up clearly in the morning is to sleep more deeply and efficiently at night, I think. Humm... but what should I do for that :-( Sould I excercise or stretch a little before sleeping? Or Sould I drink hot milk? Read a boring book? Listen some relaxing music like classical musics? Count sheep? Humm.... lol.

What do u think the best way to sleep more deeply and efficiently is?
Please thell meeeee...>_< lol.

Thank u,
Megumi Kakimoto :-)


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