Thursday, November 17, 2005

about chocolates

Hey, u all! Here comes "the season of the chocolate"♪

Winter is the best season to enjoy chocolates ●>∀<●
That is mainly because in every winter, many confectioneries like Lotte, Meiji etc. produce and sell a lot of new chocolate confectionery. The more closer winter comes, the more chocolate confectionery are displayed on the shelves at the convenience stores and the supermarkets.
Therefore, the more closer winter comes , the more I feel like chocolates when I go shopping.

As for kinds of chocalate confectionery, there are a lot of kinds of chocolate confectionery, for example, cookies, pie, chocolate bar, and "pockey" etc. with various nuts like macadamia nuts and almonds. I love chocolates with macadamia nuts, and I eat it every winter♪

Moreover, in winter, there are a lot of chocolates of various taste (flavor), for examples, banana, caramel, milk tea etc. These days, there are also chocolates with Japanese taste like green tea, annko (Japanese bean paste), kinako (soybean flour), black sesame, black bean, and so on.
I recommend you to try kinako or black sesame pockey *^ ω ^* They seem to be strange, but they actually are very delicious! I think chocolates and Japanese tastes are great combination★
I want to try new taste this winter, too. If you try new chocolate, please tell me your reaction. And if you have your favorite chocolate or find delicious chocolates, please tell me♪

Thanks to its variety of types and taste, you can find your favorite chocolate even if you don't like seets. So, try chocolate once *^ ω ^*

p.s. I like hot chocolate for drink in winter, too!

See ya,
Megumi K :-)


  • At 1:16 AM, Blogger yoheibig said…

    I love sweets. I love chocolate, too! My favorite chocolate is "TOBLERONE". Do you know this chocolate? It's the best. Perhaps, you can find this in convenience store in our university. yes, we can find many different kinds of chocolate mixed with Japanese flavor. I will try those. Let me ask question. Why is winter the best season of chocolate? Why does company sell out more than other season? Is it because of 2/14??


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