Friday, November 11, 2005

about going to eat yaki-niku

Hello. How are you :-) ? I'm happy♪

On thisThursday (yesterday), I went to eat yaki-niku (grilled meat) with my friends♪ It was my first time to go to eat yaki-niku with my friends☆ I was looking forward to it very much because my friends and I planned to go to eat yaki-niku long ago ^ - ^
On that day, I had 5th period, so I had to keep my friends wait. As soon as my class was over, we went to the yaki-niku restaurant. I wondered we could eat yaki-niku soon after we arrived at the restaurant because it was already dinner time. However, there wes only one group there, so I was relieved:-) The group celebrated someone's birthday with the birthday cakes☆ But, it was a surprise party and a girl who was celebrated was surprised very much and cried. My friends and I felt happy :-)

We ordered tabe-houdai menu, so we could eat as much as we like for 2,200 yen for 90 minutes at the reataurant. At the reastaurant, the menu (meat, vegitables, and other food) we could order for tabe-houdai were limited... :-( Although we could not order many kinds of meat and other foods, we ordered a lo of meat. We ate sirloin, pork loin, tongue, pork toro, chicken, and Vienna sausage. Moreover, we ate rice and soup. My friends and I really ate a lot and everyone became full until 60 minutes passed. However, we ate the water ice as the dessert! lol. They were really cool and delicious ◎^-^ ◎
We really enjoyed grilling meat and vegetables and eating them a lot!!! I want to go to eat yaki-niku with my friends again soon ^ - ^☆★☆

See ya,
Megumi K:-)


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