Wednesday, November 02, 2005

about my choice about studying abroad

Hi, u all ^ - ^ How r u today?
These days, I started to think about my future more seriously than before★

That is because these days, many classmates or friends of mine took tests for studying abroad. Most of them think seriously about their future and decide or plan to study abroad. Their serious attitude about their future made me realize I also have to think about my future (including about whether I should study abroad or not) more seriously!
I don’t plan to study abroad now.
When I entered the university, I expected that I would study abroad for a year (around 10 months). However, my mind has been changing these days.

One of the reasons is that I take both English and Japanese teaching courses to get the teacher’s certificates. It seems to be difficult for people who take the teaching course to study abroad, because to get teacher’s certificates, students have to take a lot of extra classes and it takes much time. If students who want to be teachers study abroad for a long time, it will be very difficult to catch up on their study and get teacher’s certificates with others who don’t study abroad and keep studying to become teachers. They (= people who study abroad) might have to stay the university one more year at the worst. I don’t want to do so.

In addition, I don’t think I can make my experiences of studying abroad fruitful because I don’t have clear purpose or goal for studying abroad now. If students have clear purpose or goals (for example, “I want to study about business!” or “I want to have knowledge about hospitality!”), they will make efforts to study and learn a lot there and their experiences of studying abroad will be very beneficial. I don’t criticize people whose purpose is not clear like “I want to learn something important through studying abroad!” Of course, students might learn something important there, but I don’t think that is a proper goal of studying abroad. Studying abroad requires more active or positive attitude toward studying and learning. Without clear purpose, I expect, it must be difficult for students to be positive and their experiences of studying abroad will be meaningless and in vain. For these reasons, I do not want to study abroad until I have clear purpose of that.

Studying abroad must be interesting and attractive, but I don’t have enough time and clear purpose:-(
Choosing to study abroad need the courage, but choosing not to do so also need it (don’t u think so?!) Even now, I’m not sure whether my choice that I don’t study abroad now is correct or not, but I want to go the way I believe “it must be the best for me now” :-)

Megumi Kakimoto:-)


  • At 8:51 AM, Blogger Mika said…

    I searched on platypus! Their bills look funny and cute, aren't they? It's unnatural and seems to be attached.
    I think that I've known that platypuses are interesting animal, and that they are oviparity. But I found things that I didn't know. Male platypus has venom on its hind legs, and they live only in east coast of Australia and in Tassie. So far... So I have to ask my friend in Australia to send me pictures of platypus!

    Now, your choice about study abroad is that you will not do, but you are not sure whether your choice is good or not. I understand your feeling, and I also think that studying abroad for 10 months affect on my life. But students of foreign studies have to study abroad? I don't think so. Though there are things to learn out side of Japan, there are things to learn in Japan,too. And I also think that study abroad needs aims or goals.
    Now, you've thought a lot to make a choice, so you can have confidence in it! Believe yourself!!

  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger Mika said…

    About what I wrote after "But students of foreign studies have to study abroad?" I mean not necessarily. The scentence I've written seems that study abroad is nothing.

  • At 8:12 AM, Blogger YukaMori said…

    Hi Meg,
    This is my first time to write a comment here :)

    Yes, I agree with you and Mika. Deciding something important to you always requires courage. You are still not sure of your choice? I think if there is some reason that you must study abroad, they make you do it regardless of your thought. Also, if there is some reason that you must be in Japan, they make you do it. In other words, something or someone in Japan needs you. Therefore, you decided not to study abroad, I suppose. Then, no one knows which choice is good or not; you should not worry about the choice too much. If you believe “it must be the best for you now," it is the best for you.


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