Saturday, November 26, 2005

about playing tag

Hello, u all♪ How are you, today? I have headache, but I'm fine :- )

These days, many people around me caught cold and they seem to feel bad :- ( That's bad!
In addition, the dangerous influenza is about to spread all over the world! So, please take care of yourself (your health), and don't forget to gargle your throat and to wash your hands★

Anyway, let's return to the topic "playing tag."
Today, I played tag with my classmates as one of the activities in a class of the teaching course.
The object of playing tag in class is to improve the communication skill, I guess. Of course, through playing with other classmates, students can have the good relationship with other classmates who they usually don't talk with.

It was fine today, so today was a good day for playing tag♪
There were only about 13-15 students today in the class, so each of us could join more actively in the playing tag.
We played some kinds of playing tag like "hankachi otoshi (or, dropping the handkerchief)" and "kei doro (or, police and the thieves)." We played outside, so we could move freely. However, at the same time, it meant that the tagger (oni) had to run a lot to catch others and others had to run more to escape from the tagger > _ <;! Although everyone looks very tired after playing tag, all of us could be very excited and enjoyed playing very much♪

I hadn't played tag for a long time, so I really enjoyed it *^ ω ^*
Also, I'm happy to be more friendly with my classmates through playing together★
I want to say "THANK YOU!" to the teacher who gave us, students such a great opportunity to make the good relationship m(- _ -)m "Thank you♪"

Thank u,
Megumi K :- )


  • At 8:23 PM, Blogger seiji ohashi said…

    I also did not play tag recently. I had to do it in the past with my classmate in junior high school. I do not like it because as you said, I have to run fast if someone drop it behind me.


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