Sunday, December 11, 2005

about experiences in the nursing school

Hi, everyone! How are you, today?
I'm so-so because I caught a cold this weekend...

The other day, I went to a nursing school in Osaka for 2 days. I went there to have the working experience and fulfill the requirement for getting a teacher's license. So, that was obligatory for everyone who wants to be a teacher in the future.

In spite of my unwillingness I had at first, this experience became really enjoyable later:-)

On the first day, I lost my way to the nursing school though I went there with my friend. (Fortunately, we found the way soon and reached in time.) Moreover, it was rain and very cold... In spite of such bad weather, there were no heaters in the room for the university students (who came to have the working experience like me).

Anyway, all students tooks charge of the class (from the class of elementary students to the class of high school studants, and stdents in the school have mental retardation). I took charge of an elementary student's class with 2 more students from the same university.

As soon as we visited the class and met 3 teachers in the class, we were asked to help students. At first, we were very confused because we didn't know how to help them. So, we just watched them and talked to them at first. In classes, we did a lot of things! Like usual school, there were many subjects like P. E., mass, Japanese, home economics etc. Students jumped rope, ran a arathon, studied how to count or how to make aprons. We also join these activities and sometimes helped the students. Through these activities, I felt the distance between students and university students like me became closer ^ - ^ Even in recess, we were with students and spend time with them. So, it didn't take so much time to be friend with them★

Some elementary students couldn't communicate well with the language or the words, but they and I could communicate with other communication tools like eye contact, gesture, body language, or touching the body ^ - ^ They showed me a lot of emotions through the communication. Through the communication with them, I thought this kind of communication is more important than that with the language though many people tend to depend too much on it.

Moreover, I realized that students in the nursing school were very pure and more childlike than ordinary elementary school students. I feel present children tend to lose their chance to express clearly their feelings than before. Present children feel more stress and pressure from people, especially parents or adults, around them, and they might try to protect themselves from the stress or pressure and hide their true feelings... So they looks more like adult than children, I think. Don't you think it is a sad situation?! However, children I met in the nursing school seemed to express their true feelings more and looks more fresh or bright! I believe children like them are real children.

I experienced a lot with students in the nursing school and learned a lot from them★ However, above all, I'm really happy that I could spend time with children and make a lot of memories though it is only for 2 days♪ That 2 days I spend time with them in the nursing school became really enjoyable for me *^ - ^*
I'd like to visit the school if I can have the chance like this time♪

Thank you,
Megumi K :- )

Thursday, December 01, 2005

about Christmas decorations

Hi, how r u? I'm so-so, because I still have a headach...
However, I believe I will feel better if I sleep well :- )

Yesterday, I saw a house with the Christmas decorations on my way home ●^ - ^●I went back to my house late and it had got very dark. So, I could notice the illuminated house.

The house was illuminated with a lot of colored light, for example, red, blue, yellow, white etc. The colored light was also decorated like the Christmas tree! It was very very beautiful > _ < I guess that in that house, there must be a Christmas tree with beautiful decorations. Humm... That sounds nice! Decorating a house seems interesting and enjoyable♪ I want to try that *> _ < * Don't u think so?!
Anyway, I really enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations, but unfortunately, I couldn't look at the house for a long time. That is because if I stay in front of the house and look at for a long time, others must regard me as a strange person...

I remember having seen the beautifully decorated house last year. In addition, last year, I saw some houses with beautiful Christmas decorations. So, I expect that I will see more houses with beautiful Christmas decorations and enjoy looking at them more *^ - ^*
I'm looking forward to it♪

Looking at the house with the Christmas decoration, I felt Christmas comming.

Megumi K ;- )