Thursday, December 01, 2005

about Christmas decorations

Hi, how r u? I'm so-so, because I still have a headach...
However, I believe I will feel better if I sleep well :- )

Yesterday, I saw a house with the Christmas decorations on my way home ●^ - ^●I went back to my house late and it had got very dark. So, I could notice the illuminated house.

The house was illuminated with a lot of colored light, for example, red, blue, yellow, white etc. The colored light was also decorated like the Christmas tree! It was very very beautiful > _ < I guess that in that house, there must be a Christmas tree with beautiful decorations. Humm... That sounds nice! Decorating a house seems interesting and enjoyable♪ I want to try that *> _ < * Don't u think so?!
Anyway, I really enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations, but unfortunately, I couldn't look at the house for a long time. That is because if I stay in front of the house and look at for a long time, others must regard me as a strange person...

I remember having seen the beautifully decorated house last year. In addition, last year, I saw some houses with beautiful Christmas decorations. So, I expect that I will see more houses with beautiful Christmas decorations and enjoy looking at them more *^ - ^*
I'm looking forward to it♪

Looking at the house with the Christmas decoration, I felt Christmas comming.

Megumi K ;- )


  • At 8:27 PM, Blogger seiji ohashi said…

    that sounds good. my friend's house also decorated and that was very good. but he said cost is expensive. anyway, see you.


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